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ISO 9001 : 2015 Quality Assurance

plastic molded parts quality assurance
AEMT quality certificate of registration

Our ISO 9001:2015 facility molds engineering and commodity grade thermoplastics, resins, thermosets, elastomers and specialty plastics of every type...for every kind of part and product imaginable. All while adhering to rigorous standards for quality control and defect prevention thoughout all injection molding, secondary and assembly operations.

AEMT dominates in today's challenging and highly competitive environment with unmatched systems for full (NIST) traceability and defect prevention from product concept to delivery. We've set the benchmark in quality, service and support for the critical, on-time design and manufacturing services and capabilities that you depend upon:

• Best-in-class practices
• Full defect prevention program
• Integral quality control
• Inline process monitoring
• On time deliveries


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Served Markets

Industrial  l Automotive  l Aerospace  l Consumer  l Medical  l Defense